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Mandy's Voice

Screening in film festivals around the world
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"MANDY’S VOICE is about isolation and human connection; not only accepting someone who appears different on the outside but fully embracing that individual for who they are ~ and owning one’s voice." - Roxanna Lewis

This film's story is inspired by the true life events of a few exceptional non-verbal teens residing at “Peace of Heart” community – an innovative environment of belonging for persons with autism. This poetic narrative film is amongst the first of it's kind to tell a story about a nonspeaking individual on the spectrum through authentic casting with neurodiverse individuals working behind the camera as well.  This uplifting short film will open doors and reach audiences around the world through film festivals and beyond.



a 'home grown' short film

Log line: A curious and intelligent nonspeaking autistic girl struggles to communicate. Her mother is desperate to provide the necessary tools for survival in a world where if one is without a voice ~ one is perceived as invisible as well.


Led by Director, Roxanna Lewis, our film champions women and diverse voices through the representation of our female-forward team comprised of a female director, two female producers and a female writer. Much of the cast, crew and executive team is comprised of individuals who are on the spectrum alongside those who are immersed in the life-long commitment of creating a safer, more caring world for individuals who are neurodiverse (parents, therapists, advocates). People of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and entertainment industry experience are lending their time, resources and talents to bring this film to screens around the world.


We look forward to bringing this heartwarming story to life with co-stars Rachel Barcellona
(International Autism spokesperson, singer at Madison Square Garden, actress) and Karen Sillas (Sopranos, Law and Order, Best Actress at Sundance).

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Director’s Statement

There has never been a more relevant time for MANDY’S VOICE to take to the screens. As a filmmaker, I am driven to share remarkable stories about real people working through adversity. Essential to my vision is answering the call of female-forward stories, amplifying the voices of the under-represented and individuals with disabilities highlighting the riches and complexities of our society. In my desire to entertain audiences, I bring an open-heart fueled to defend humanity and a drive to propel understanding through the landscape of film - producing awe-inspiring stories in an engaging, substantive manner.

MANDY’S VOICE delves into a loving but challenging mother-daughter relationship amplified by non-verbal autism. My vision boldly celebrates the voice, portrayal and employment of individuals with disabilities. Much of the cast and crew is comprised of people who are autistic, both on-camera and behind the scenes to also include parents, therapists and advocates who shine as first-time actors. My mission is to ensure a professional work environment based on truth, trust, courageous choices and robust collaboration to produce an exceptional film.

To date, no other film has been made to the likes of MANDY’S VOICE. We are amongst the first to lead the way. An endearing film for audiences, this film will change lives and inform filmmaking all around the globe. With your support, this film will touch hearts, open minds and bring people together. 



Meet the cast a grew of Mandy's Voice. A powerful volunteer crew and leading actresses.

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What they are saying about Mandy's Voice

Roy W. Dean Short Film Grant Finalists Announced

22 Films Selected for to Compete for Grant Valued at $15K

Established in January 2021, 22 finalists were selected for the inaugural 

Roy W. Dean Short Film Grant.  

The grant is awarded to a fiction short film that is unique and that makes a contribution to society.  

The winner will receive $3,500 cash and thousands more in donated production services from film industry professionals and companies. 

Each finalist is given the opportunity to post information on their contending film on the From the Heart Productions website.

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interview with actress Rachel Barcellona and Director, Roxanna Lewis. Read More.

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